Computer displays in movies may be inaccurate and unbelievable, but they are fun to look at and think about.   They are generally not true-to-life because they are not designed to be.

“The entire point of those things is to tell a story,” graphic interface designer Mark Coleran says. ” ‘I can’t get into the computer.’ How do you tell somebody in two seconds, onscreen, that they can’t get into that thing?”

This is also known as the Viewer Friendly Interface.

In this blog, I’m collecting images of computer interfaces / terminals / displays / monitors from movies (and TV) for your viewing pleasure.

If you have any suggestions, please email waitingisfullness AT gmail DOT com, or submit a comment.

Header graphic credits:

TechBrushes by GlowBug

Fonts:  Incised901 Nd BT, Letter Gothic Std, Terminal

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