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The Net: vs.

In the beginning of the movie, The Net, Sandra Bullock’s character, Angela Bennett, orders a pizza online.    While the logon screen is not exactly like Pizza Hut’s, it does the job.   It looks like a high-end Geocities version of the current Pizza Hut home page.  Probably the concept of logging on with a user account for pizza was either not considered, or considered too complicated for audiences.  This was 1995, after all.

There is no Finley Street in Venica, CA, unfortunately.

The site in The Net lets her customize her pizza order:

Much like you can on

And afterwards provides a confirmation page:

Which is not unlike the confirmation page you get if you order from Pizza Hut.  So, while most computer interfaces in movies are horribly inaccurate or implausible (including others from The Net), this one did come true.

By the way, the current is a pizza joint search engine.